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RV Builder Basics, Vol. 1: "Getting Started"

Van's Aircraft's "RV" series of aircraft is the most popular kit-built aircraft design in the world, thanks to superior performance, sleek looks, excellent kit quality, and legendary builder support.

In this video, award-winning builder Les Bourne teaches new RV builders (and prospective builders) about:

  • Getting organized.
  • Setting up a good workshop.
  • Introduction to aircraft tools and their proper use (Cutting, drilling, deburring, countersinking, riveting, etc.)
  • Construction practices and standards.
  • Reading blueprints and plans.
  • Builder's resources, and where to get help.
  • And much more!
This comprehensive video provides you with the basic guidance you need to get started on one of the biggest and most fun projects of your life.

  DVD, 98 minutes

 Item # D-HT-BB1
 Price $34.00
(+ Shipping)

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RV Builder Basics, Vol. 2: "Mounting the Wings and Tail"

Building a Van's RV-series airplane (or any other homebuilt airplane, for that matter) involves many routine tasks, but also some tasks that will forever affect the way your completed airplane flies. Two of the really critical jobs are attaching the wings and the empennage. This video will help you get them mounted as perfectly as possible.

In this video, award-winning builder Les Bourne demonstrates these tasks, up close, on a real airplane. You'll see:
  • Preparation
  • Mounting the Wings
  • Aligning, Leveling and Measuring
  • Setting the Angle of Incidence
  • Drilling the Aft Spar Attach Holes
  • Mounting the Horizontal Stabilizer
  • Mounting the Vertical Stabilizer
This video will give you the confidence to tackle these critical jobs yourself, the first time.

  DVD, 58 minutes

 Item # D-HT-BB2
 Price $34.00 (+ Shipping)

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If you order both Volume 1 and Volume 2, you'll save $5.00 off the normal, combined price.

Item# D-HT-BB-Combo1 (Both Volume 1 & 2)
Price $63.00
(+ Shipping)


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